Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Reviews

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Cristela M.

Best Martial Arts School in Hackensack! My daughter has being here for over 3 yrs and she loves going and learning more everyday, they also have fitness challenges which i did and lost 21 pds in 90 days, the classes are so fun and everyone is so nice it's like working out with family.

Cristela M.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Tara J.

It was FANTASTIC !!!!! I miss getting my butt slammed and Rodrigo did just that!!! We did planks, pushups, squats, burpees, Superman, a ton of ab work and more!!! Every part of my body aches!!! Loved every minute of it!!! Can't wait til Monday! !! Let's do this ladies! !!! Time for yoga know!!!! Nameste!

Tara J.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Christine L.

Great space for training. My action film team uses it to rehearse our scenes and we couldn't have found a better place! I've also stayed to watch some of their classes. The kids are truly having fun while they learn. Wishing this place was around when I was growing up!

Christine L.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Brianne M.

Great place. The teachers work so well with my son. I'm so appreciative.

Brianne M.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Angel R.

Awesome! Clean! Convenient parking right in front, great instructors. And restaurant right next to it for when you're done burning all those calories 😁

Angel R.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Jessica B.

My son loves the "Little Champs" program. It has taught him to defend himself, given him confidence & had helped teach him important life lessons! Sensei Rodrigo has been a great influence & teacher for my son.

Jessica B.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Erin M.

I cannot say enough good things about Poise Martial Arts. We are so happy we found this studio. It is so well run and immaculately clean. The Sensei has a razor-sharp focus and provides a safe, stable environment for the kids. I also recommend the 90-day fitness challenge for adults. It provides a great environment for those who are looking to get back into shape.

Erin M.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Diana P.

Love the classes! They motivate you. They are so much fun!

Diana P.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Virginia C.

This is a great place to exercise, stay healthy and have fun. The instructors are super friendly . I feel great after class. I am so happy that my cousin recommended to me.Great experience. Come and join us.

Virginia C.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Shari L.

Great classes for kids.

Shari L.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Sybil F.

I love this school! It's more than a martial arts facility, it's a family. My son learns martial arts AND personal development skills at the same time. The environment is one of togetherness and comfort. Poise Martial Arts changes lives with much more than just their martial arts.

Sybil F.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Gary M.

My daughter and I are both students here and it's a wonderful place. We received a warm welcome right from the beginning. I'm so happy to have such a great place to go to, train together share our passion for the sport.

Gary M.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Lissette V.

PMAF is fun, energetic and a great place for a motivational fitness experience! I've been a part of the 90 day fitness challenges for quiet some time now! I enjoy the team setting and family dynamic! It's not just a place where I go to workout but the place I go to get inspired and motivated! Each class is different! It's never boring! I never know what the workout will be but I know it will push me to my limit and help me reach my fitness goals! I recommend PMAF to anyone interested in getting fit and healthy!

Lissette V.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Sabrina R.

Poise Martial Arts has changed my life for the better and the environment there is also changing the mindset of many other people especially children.

Sabrina R.

Poise Martial Arts & Fitness Jenn D.

Great place for kids to learn discipline and self-control. I highly recommend this center.

Jenn D.

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