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  • Teamwork | Kids Martial Arts Hackensack

    How teamwork can help you reach new heights of success Like any other thing, a company is made by its integral parts which include everyone working there; from a security guard to the secretary. Every person has a special role to play in the company’s success. Sensei Rodrigo says teamwork is an essential part of an organization because it provides motivation, delivers information which leads to better understanding and hence, will give you better results. Without teamwork, no company or organization can succeed. You may have heard this famous quote “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” This is the principle that applies everywhere. We ....

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  • Self-Image | Kids Martial Arts Hackensack

    With a positive and strong self-image you can succeed in every field of life All our life we run after success, chasing it to become powerful or wealthy or influential, etc., and we focus on the explicit factors that can make us successful but never have we ever took notice of the implicit factors such as kindness, self-image, discipline, perseverance, integrity, and generosity, etc. Sensei Rodrigo says these factors are as important as setting plans and goals for a business. We often take them for granted and underestimate the power these factors have.
    What is self-image? It is the way you see yourself. Your own opinion about yourself is important as it affects your mental ....

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  • Self-Discipline | Kids Martial Arts Hackensack

    SELF-DISCIPLINE can improve your performance and lead you towards success Having the right kind of motivation and positive thoughts can lead you to success but there is one more element that is essential if you want to succeed in life i.e. self- discipline. People who work hard but are not organized will not have the desired results they want. You must have seen individuals with a great sense of self-discipline. Sensei Rodrigo says they wake early in the morning, go for a walk, do some yoga/ meditation, and then come back make a smoothie and go for work. This is how they start their day and this is the kind of people who are successful in life; personally and professionally as well. ....

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  • Responsibility | Kids Martial Arts Hackensack

    The importance of taking RESPONSIBILITY for everything on your path to success Being responsible for everything whether it is good or bad is not easy. It is because you have to go through some hard processes to polish your skills and to build trust on your own. Sensei Rodrigo says you need acceptance, courage, and a realistic view about life and the circumstances you are living in to become accountable for your acts and behaviors in the best possible way. Generally, you are always responsible for your own doings. Similarly, if you want to be successful you have to start with being responsible for your actions. It will help you learn from your mistakes and you will develop the ability ....

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  • Respect | Kids Martial Arts Hackensack

    Give more respect and you will never fail in life How to be successful in life? It is a question that every human asks. Success has a different meaning for different people. Some want to be successful in business, some want to have power, some want to bring positive change in the world etc. While our definitions of success differ from one other, there is one common thing between them which is, it’s not easy to get successful. There are many ways to be successful but the most underrated one is the power your attitude holds and the way you respect others. These may seem like minor things to you but we can assure you that they play a vital role in your success. Sensei Rodrigo has ....

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  • Potential | Kids Martial Arts Hackensack

    It is time to improve your working potential if you want to be successful Working potential is mandatory if you want to be successful. Owners and managers want to get the most of their employees and if you are not working properly then your job might be in danger. According to Sensei Rodrigo meaningful work is highly important. It refers to work that holds significance and makes a difference. Some employees focus on this more than their working hours or salaries which makes them more loyal to the job. But most of us lose motivation whether its related to work or hitting the gym, our will power is not that strong which ultimately brings down our work potential; causing hindrance in our ....

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  • Positive Attitude | Kids Martial Arts Hackensack

    Positive attitude is your short-cut to success Is the glass half full or half-empty? This is the question that people ask in order to know your thinking i.e. whether you have a positive one or a negative one. It may sound cliché to say that a positive attitude and thinking can change your life to a great extent. From changing the way you see and react to things to how you deal with people, a positive attitude can take you to the heights of success and glory. Sensei Rodrigo says even science has proven that the people who have a positive attitude can live longer than those who don’t. A positive attitude has an effect on most of the things in your life, such as careers, ....

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  • Kindness | Kids Martial Arts Hackensack

    KINDNESS is the key to success: A complete guide to help you become more kind Kindness is the key to success. All our lives, we have been taught that in order to be successful, we need to be passionate, more confident, that we always have to show strength and never show our weaknesses. That behind every smile there will be an ulterior motive. People often use kindness as a strategy to manipulate others for their own good, and once they have achieved their goal, you can always see the change in their behaviors and attitudes. But kindness is actually an integral part of your success and it has been proved by science. Sensei Rodrigo explains why being kind is important.

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  • Perseverance | Kids Martial Arts Hackensack

    Benefits of practicing PERSEVERANCE if you want to be successful Unfortunately, we are always searching for shortcuts to becoming successful. Sensei Rodrigo says once we set our mind to something we tend to want to achieve it right away, it is human nature. But it goes without saying that in the path of success you will face loads of stones and obstacles that will make you want to give up and leave in the middle of the road but staying around and fighting for your goals is what perseverance is all about. Sooner or later, you will reach your target and you will realize that your hard work and patience was worth it.
    The secret behind success
    The secret behind the rich and famous ....

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