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Benefits of practicing PERSEVERANCE if you want to be successful

Unfortunately, we are always searching for shortcuts to becoming successful. Sensei Rodrigo says once we set our mind to something we tend to want to achieve it right away, it is human nature. But it goes without saying that in the path of success you will face loads of stones and obstacles that will make you want to give up and leave in the middle of the road but staying around and fighting for your goals is what perseverance is all about. Sooner or later, you will reach your target and you will realize that your hard work and patience was worth it.

The secret behind success

The secret behind the rich and famous businessmen, entrepreneurs, actors, etc. is that they never gave up. The plan is to suffer now and live the rest of your life as champions. According to Sensei Rodrigo, you should take a look at none other than the famous writer of Harry Potter books i.e. J. K. Rowling. She wrote the first book and got rejected by 12 publishers at first. But she did not give up and now here she is; every adult and kid knows her name and has read Harry Potter books once in their lives.


Perseverance is a beneficial tool not only in business but also in life, generally. Some of them are:

  • Self-confidence – Perseverance gives you self-confidence and you start believing in yourself, you believe that your fate is in your hands and you can achieve success in any part of your life by working hard. And this attitude is a game-changer.
  • Trustworthiness – People who persevere are often trustworthy because they do not give up easily. They stick around and make things happen no matter how hard the problem gets.
  • Change – Perseverance changes you, in a good way of course. You are transformed into a person who is capable of handling any kind of stress and failure. It can be quite overwhelming at first but once you go through this process, you will become successful in unremarkable ways.
  • Strong and wise – When you never give up, despite the failures, you start learning from your mistakes and try to adopt a different method each time you fall. It makes you stronger and wiser.
  • Motivation – Perseverance is like fuel and keeps you fired up and you start seeing your goals in a different light, you enhance your knowledge and become capable of doing extraordinary things.
  • Growth Mindset – For being successful, a growth mindset is essential and it comes from perseverance. It tells you that humans are always learning and growing and failures are just a part of life and tell you to keep moving forward and not give up

You can achieve anything in your life if you set your mind to it. You will need to be patience and practice perseverance; keep reminding yourself why you started in the first place. It is a slow process indeed but you will reach the heights of glory soon with constant hard work.

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