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KINDNESS is the key to success: A complete guide to help you become more kind

Kindness is the key to success. All our lives, we have been taught that in order to be successful, we need to be passionate, more confident, that we always have to show strength and never show our weaknesses. That behind every smile there will be an ulterior motive. People often use kindness as a strategy to manipulate others for their own good, and once they have achieved their goal, you can always see the change in their behaviors and attitudes. But kindness is actually an integral part of your success and it has been proved by science. Sensei Rodrigo explains why being kind is important.


Start by being kind to yourself. It includes being kind to your mind, your needs, your health, and body. Before gaining commercial success, gain inner happiness. When you prioritize your happiness, the vibes you give are sublime. Your energy changes and so does your mind. You get more creative and influential. Inner kindness is as important as the outer one.

Kindness and Human Psychology

People are attracted to those who show them kindness, which makes them feel comfortable and good about themselves. They will invest in those people who are generous to others and respect their beliefs and ideas. Its human psychology. Sensei Rodrigo says, we naturally get spellbind by people with whom we can feel free to share our opinions irrespective of their role, status or class.

Kindness and Sales

Kindness is a powerful weapon. It is the key to everyone’s heart. Going extra miles for your customers, doing small gestures out of goodwill, taking their needs into account, showing them that you care, will increase your sales to a great extent, believe it or not. It will build trust and understanding between you and your customers. No act of kindness goes unrewarded. Your customers will become loyal to you.

Kindness and Motivation

The more you show warmth to the people around you, the more they will be motivated. In the case of your employees, showing emotional connection and integrity, respecting their opinions, making room for mistakes etc. will motivate them in ways that will make them work harder every day.

Kindness and Relationships

You have different relationships with people whether it is your personal relations or professional relationship with your employees or customers, they all demand something different from you. Kindness has many faces and comes in all shapes. Sensei Rodrigo says you should start by doing small kind gestures for strangers to helping your employ financially, all of them counts and can make a big difference in the world and as well as in your business. Being kind is a social skill and the person who is kind will never be alone.

Bottom line

Try to let go of the things that don’t have significant importance. Treat people equally and as if their presence matters a lot. Control your impulses and reactions. Keep a cool mind and practice to be a little kinder each day. Learn and adapt. Be kind and see how success follows you everywhere.

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