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Give more respect and you will never fail in life

How to be successful in life? It is a question that every human asks. Success has a different meaning for different people. Some want to be successful in business, some want to have power, some want to bring positive change in the world etc. While our definitions of success differ from one other, there is one common thing between them which is, it’s not easy to get successful. There are many ways to be successful but the most underrated one is the power your attitude holds and the way you respect others. These may seem like minor things to you but we can assure you that they play a vital role in your success. Sensei Rodrigo has perfectly explained the importance of the right attitude and respect for success.

Respect always comes first

The respect you give says and controls everything including your thoughts and your actions. It is important to be respectful in every aspect of life especially at work. Sensei Rodrigo says it is not about what happens to you; it is about how you choose to respond to that thing. This is your attitude and the energy you emit affects the people around you and your business as well. It is like inserting or installing something in your brain and controlling your response and dialogues through it.

More optimistic

When you give respect with the right attitude, you will see things with a different light, you will believe in yourself and be more optimistic and better things will come your way. It has to be so contagious that other people feel good in your company, that it makes them reinforce that kind of attitude for themselves as well.

Give and get respect

It goes without saying that giving respect gets you respect. The importance of this phrase cannot be emphasized enough. Respect builds up your company, your overall business, your customers, your employees. According to Sensei Rodrigo, everyone has self-respect and we should never compromise on it no matter what. So giving respect to your employees can go a long way. It will not only motivate them but you will also gain their loyalty towards the company. Other than this, it will have a huge impact on your clients too.

Powerful tool

Respect is one of the most powerful tools people can possess. If you are respected then your mistakes will often be forgiven but if you are not, then you are pretty much done. Sometimes you need to earn respect through your work, attitude and behavior with others. Either you are an owner or an employee, respecting yourself and others is highly important.


Do not discriminate on any basis including sex, religion, caste, etc. Give equal rights and respect to everyone. This way your employees and customers will be attracted to your unbiased attitude and due to this, you wouldn’t need to chase success; it will come to you. Giving respect is as important as planning strategies and policies of a business. As business is all about people and your relationship with them, a company that shares mutual respect to each other and to the clients will reach the skies in no time.

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