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SELF-DISCIPLINE can improve your performance and lead you towards success

Having the right kind of motivation and positive thoughts can lead you to success but there is one more element that is essential if you want to succeed in life i.e. self- discipline. People who work hard but are not organized will not have the desired results they want. You must have seen individuals with a great sense of self-discipline. Sensei Rodrigo says they wake early in the morning, go for a walk, do some yoga/ meditation, and then come back make a smoothie and go for work. This is how they start their day and this is the kind of people who are successful in life; personally and professionally as well. Whereas on the other hand, there are people who do not get enough motivation to get out of bed let alone hit the gym. They are not active and self- disciplined in any way. They stay binge-watching Netflix and eating pringles.


Everyday life experiences can be overwhelming at times. Meditation is the first step towards self- discipline. There is a famous quote which states “It’s in the moments of greatest chaos that you should aim to find your inner still” Take away time from the problems and duties of life, and focus on yourself. Meditation will help you find yourself. It will give you a sense of clarity and refresh your mind.


Accepting things as they are and appreciating what you have is gratitude. Always complaining and focusing on things that we do not have makes us anxious and prevents us from being self-disciplined. Gratitude not only improves your health but also works on your spirituality. Always find comfort in disguise. Lists the things that you are grateful for every day.

Set Goals

Set your long term goals then work on it monthly, weekly and daily, it will make your self- disciplined. Track your progress and then analyze it. Sensei Rodrigo says to write everything down and then work on them. This will give you direction and help you keep track and avoid distractions. Through continuous tracking, you can analyze your progress. When you will see yourself getting results, it will give you motivation.


Willpower is your ability to do something and it all depends on your beliefs i.e. if you believe that you have unlimited willpower then you will see remarkable results but if you think that you have a limited power then you won’t exceed it. Make yourself believe that you are capable of doing exceptional things and eventually you will do them because you have convinced your mind. It will give you control over your emotions and you will become more self- disciplined.

Other ways include:

  • Eating high-quality healthy food
  • Creating new habits
  • Accepting your failures
  • Train and workout
  • Be more organized
  • Create a routine
  • Embrace change


If you work on these practices constantly then you will see yourself getting changed in a positive way. According to Sensei Rodrigo being self- disciplined will change how you perceive things and will make you successful.

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